We find the markets best talents within IT, advisory services and management, so you don’t have to.
We find the perfect consultant for your needs.
You hire the consultant on an hourly basis, no hidden costs.

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Average years of experience

About Cube
Cube is an independent consultant intermediary representing a large network of independent consultants and small consultant agencies.
Our suppliers consists entirely of senior consultants who possess niche knowledge in Project Management, Test and Test Management, Development, Architecture, Infrastructure, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

Months, average length of assignment

How Does It Work?


Cube match their clients with consultants who have relevant technical knowledge and industry experience required.


Cube operates with a simple price model with fixed hourly rates. No hidden costs!


Cube quickly finds the right consultant for your assignment, and ensures that the consultant get a smooth start-up.
Why Cube?


Cube delivers the markets best consultants to exciting projects for Norway’s biggest companies.


Maximum value, technically and financially, for both customers and consultants.


Cube takes care of the administration, so both customer and consultant can have full focus on their tasks.

What kind of area of expertise  are you looking for?

Take a look at some of the skill sets we deliver to out customers.

RolesMethodsTechniques / Tools
• Architect• Agile• Ajax• .Net, C #
• Configuration manager• RUP• Android• Objective C
• Designer, UX, UI• Scrum• C, C ++• Pearl
• Developer• UML• Cobol• PHP
• Test leader• Waterfall• CSS• Python
• Tester• XP• Eclipse• Rational Software
• Emacs• Rust
• GO• Scala
• Hack• SQL
• HTML, XML• Swift
• IntelliJ• Unity
• Java• Unreal Engine
• JavaScript• Visual Studio
• Jbuilder, JDeveloper
RolesIntegrationTechniques / Tools
• Architect• BizTalk• Business Objects
• DBA• Mule• Cognos
• Designer• Seebeyond• Crystal Report
• Developer• Tibco• ETL
• Operations• WebLogic• Hyperion
• WebMethods• Informix, Informatica
• WebSphere• Microsoft
• Oracle
• QlikView
• Sybase
RolesMethodsTechniques / Tools
• Architect• ITIL• Citrix
• Designer• RUP• DB2, Sybase
• Developer• Exchange, AD
• Operations• HP-UX, AIX, Linux
• Oracle, MS SQL
• Storage, Backup
• Terminal Services
• Unix, Solaris
• Virtualization
• VMware
• Windows Server
• Project manager• Basel2
• Business analyst• IPMA
• Business developer• ITIL
• Change manager• Pejl
• Requirements analyst• PMI
• Management consultant• PMP
• Management for hire• PPM
• Prestudy• Prince2
• Process analyst• PROPS
• Program manager• RUP
• Security analyst• SOX
• Technical project manager• TOFAG
• Test leader
RolesTechniques / Systems
• Analysis prestudy• IFS
• Feature customization• Movex
• Integration• Oracle EBS
• Technical adaptation• SAS
• Siebel
• Qlik

Didn’t find the kind of competence you were looking for?

Please contact us and we will start an extensive search process to find it for you as soon as possible.



How does Cube quality assure their consultants?
All Cube consultants undergo a thorough screening process, including personal interview, reference check and background check.
95% of Cube’s network consists of senior consultants with extensive experience and proven track-record within their niche areas.
We match your company with consultants who have relevant technical knowledge and the industry experience required. In addition, Cube always pays attention to the consultant’s personality, to make sure they fit into your work environment.
How long does it take to find the right candidate?
The search process takes 2-3 days, after which we will contact you with one of the following messages.

– We have someone in our network who is ready to start immediately.

– We have several candidates who match your requirements and we will contact you again when the screening process is completed.

– We currently have no candidates that meet your needs, so our team will continue to work tracking down the right candidate.

How much does it cost to hire a Cube Consultant?
Our price model is simple and straightforward.
As soon as we receive a request, we will initiate our search process.
You only pay for the hours the consultant is onsite working.
We guarantee that our prices never exceeds the market price.
If your company has a policy concerning overtime pay, weekend compensation etc. for contracted resources, we will take that into account.
No hidden costs.
Contact us to get an estimated hourly rate for the consultants you need.
Does Cube operate with any specific payment terms?

Cube always follows the customers billing routines, whether in terms of due dates, the use of e-invoices or paper invoice etc.

When Cube receives payment from the customer, our accounting department pays our consultants within 1-3 business days.

Who signs the contract?
The Customer always signs a contract with Cube.

Cube signs a separate contract with the consultant that mirrors the exact terms and conditions of the contract with the customer.


What´s the advantage of using Cube?
Cube operates as an additional sales channel for our partners. You are not bound to use us exclusively, and may freely work with other partners and customers.

Once we receive a request from a client who wants someone with your expertise, we will contact you to see if you are available and interested in the assignment.

Who should use Cube?
Cube works with everything from self-employed consultants to consultant agencies with more than 1,000 employees. So whether you need a dedicated sales channel, periodically want to lease out part of your workforce, or simply want to keep track of changes in the market, we are the correct channel you.
Which clients does Cube work with?
Cube works with clients in both the private and public sector. However, we deliver to sectors such as: Telecom, Media, Gaming, Banking & Finance and Transportation.

Once we receive a request that is relevant to your skill set we will contact you. If you are available and interested in the assignment we will send your profile to the client. When they see that your profile matches their needs you will be invited to an interview.

Does Cube have any specific terms in their contracts?
Cube acts as contractual partner between the both the customer and consultant.

The conditions are always mirrored and will therefore vary for each customer and assignment.

The terms will always be specified before you choose to accept an assignment.

What billing routines does Cube have?
Cube operates with monthly invoicing and usually have 30 days due date, though this may vary for different customers. You choose if you send your invoice with traditional mail, e-mail etc.
When Cube receives payment from the customer, our accounting department pays our consultants within 1-3 business days.

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Cecilia Omre

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